Excellent insulation and solar protective properties which can meet the most restrictive regulations.
- Ug factor can be easily maintained bellow values of 1.0 to 0.6 W.m-2.K., levels typically available for triple glazing insulation units.
- Solar factor /SHGC/ is a dynamic value as it can vary from the glass combination specific /for example 60%-70%/ to below 5%. Nominal operation SHGC value is designed to be 10% to 15%. It is bellow the best solar protective glasses available on the market and compatible to external sun screens and blinds.
- It can achieve excellent selectivity (ratio light /general energy transmittance) starting from values 2.0-3.0 expanding to 7.0-8.0 even more.
- Flexible and adaptive system in large scale which effectively manages and optimizes all passing through energies: Heat - Light - Solar gain. Truly adaptive system which allows utilizing the natural resources according to the interior needs and exterior conditions.
- Allowing active daylighting and daylight harvesting even with direct sun beam over the system and when needed it can support active daylight even under some overcast sky.
- Maintenance-free for long-term period.
- Provide excellent sound reduction/protection compatible to triple insulation glasses and double skin facades.
- Weather independent, the system can operate effectively in any conditions: wind, rain, sunny.
- Highly cost effective;
- Provide excellent interior comfort while effectively reduced energy consumption to be supported.